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We Love Where We Work

Northpoint medical centre aims to provide excellent medical care.

We hope to achieve this by having friendly and efficient staff who care for each patient and treat them with respect. We aim to have staff who enjoy their work and are able to reach their full potential with opportunities for training and further development. We value what every staff member brings to our team and realise that a medical centre is a lot more than just its doctors.

We have created a welcoming and highly organised medical centre in the hope that both staff and patients will enjoy coming to Northpoint. We have designed the layout of our consultation rooms and treatment rooms to ensure a smooth flow from one area to another, again to maximise the comfort of both patients and staff. We have invested in up to date equipment to ensure that we are able to practice up to date medicine.

We have employed a strong management team to ensure that our practice is well organised from the start. In designing the procedures and policies within our medical centre that will guide how our practice functions, we have considered all aspects from the point of everyone that will come to Northpoint which includes patients, staff and doctors.

We will maintain accurate and thorough medical records. This will allow us to properly manage chronic medical conditions and ensure that where referrals are made specialists receive relevant and complete information.

We will provide care for patients from through all journeys of life with a focus on the patient as part of their family and community. We are committed to the continued up- skilling and ongoing education that providing exceptional medicine requires.

Our Location

Northpoint Medical Center

Suite 22, 125 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4613 0203
Web: www.northpointmedical.com.au

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