Dr. Eli Rosenfeld

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About Dr. Eli Rosenfeld

Employee Doctor at Northpoint Medical
After graduating from McMaster University in Canada in 2012, Dr. Eli Rosenfeld worked as a kinesiologist in the field of sports medicine. He pursued his medical training at the University of Queensland Medical School, graduating in Nov. 2017. Eli spent his internship year in North Queensland at the Townsville Hospital. He then completed extensive emergency medicine training in Southeast Queensland. He has a keen interest in all areas of family medicine but has specific interests in men’s health, mental health and paediatrics. His professional strength lies in his ability to interact and communicate knowledge to both patients and his team in a manner that illustrates his understanding and compassion.
  • Degree: MBBS, B.Sc Kinesiology (Hon)
  • Medical Interests: All Areas of General Practice